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The future of wellness in the workplace pt I

Health and wellness are more important than ever before, during the lockdown period, many people had the opportunity to re-look at their personal health and have a greater awareness in the nutritional benefits food can provide.

Searches for functional foods that support a healthy immune system increased during the first months of lockdown as anxiety and fear led to many seeking quick fixes. However, we know that there is no one ingredient that can boost your immunity and instead achieving a healthy, balanced diet is the goal. Also, there is now a greater importance on holistic health including both physical and mental health with the lockdown helping many get back valuable time that they could spend on fitness, sleep and self-care.

As part of the RA Group’s 5 stage process to combatting Covid-19: Resolve, Resilience, Return, Re-Imagination and Reform; it is very important that we as a business, use our expertise and colleagues within the industry, to consider and establish what the future might look like.

Luxey Dayanandan, RA Group’s Head of Wellness & Nutrition hosted a panel discussion with experts from across the health and wellness industry to discuss and what the future of wellness looks like in a post lockdown world.

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In order of appearance: Luxey Dayanandan   RA Group Head of Wellness & Nutrition; Felicity Wood, Fitness Partner; Natasha Maynard Scientific & Nutrition Manager, IGD; Gelf Anderson, Exec Chef, River Cottage; David Simms, RA Group Culinary Director

Immune supporting menus in the workplace?

Gelf: “In the short term as people start to come out of lockdown and establishments open, there will be a period of indulging however once that has passed people will reflect on how out of touch they were with their food and seek out nutritious options”

David: “One of the challenges will be how to educate customers on the benefits of the menus and how this can support their health and wellness throughout their working day”

Natasha: “IGD shopper insight tells us shoppers actively look for shortcuts for healthy foods and functional foods is something that they turn to such as claims on immune health etc. However, it is important to acknowledge that there is no one ingredient or supplement that can boost our immune system, but a balanced diet could support our immune health”

Looking at the long term, there will certainly be a need for menus to incorporate healthier offers that can help support immune health as well as overall health and wellbeing. The way in which we articulate this to our customers is key, this could be using nudge techniques to help make those choices easily. We must consider that customers are looking for quick ways in which they can improve their health and as such our menus must incorporate grab and go options that can meet this need, but at the same time nor compromise on nutrition.

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