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Return : Coronavirus lessons from Asia Part II by Alice Woodwark


Support the team through frequent reassurance, communication and great training:

“Going back to work can be scary. Nervousness reduces drastically with good communication. It’s ok to over-communicate at times like this and good to provide repeated positive messages going out daily”

Be ready for ongoing volume variability and stop-start operations:

While the return to ‘normal’ has been largely slow and steady across our Chinese business, customer numbers can vary day by day according to new working patterns. In addition, short ‘circuit breaker’ actions – such as local site lockdowns – have been happening, and are expected to continue, temporarily suspending service. Pre-emptive actions to manage this have included:

Introduce the right technology to encourage customers to return:

Technology can aid a successful return to market, offering easy contactless or distanced options as reassurance:

Give customers the guidance and tools they need to protect their own safety:

“100% transparency to customers is the key”:

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