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RAG weekly Webcast Schedule 23/6/20


Rare Tea Special
Tue 23rd June
3.30pm – 4.00pm

Join us for a special Rare Tea webcast, hosted by Kathi who will be banishing loose leaf tea myths.
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Mood and Food
Wed 24th June
3:30- 4:00pm

Our nutritionist Luxey talks to us about how important food can be to your mood.
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Instagram LIVE Coffee Talk 
Every Thursday
12.30pm – 1pm

Sonia Carvalho (Head of Coffee & Community) & Mat Keech (Hej Coffee) talk all things coffee and brewing at home, every Thursday!
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Instagram LIVE PRIDE Cocktail Shake Along
Thursday 25th June
3.30pm – 4pm

Steph Robertson (Head of Wine & Service) takes us through a live cocktail shake along – special PRIDE addition this week!
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CATCH UP RAG Daily Webcast, Ian’s Summer Salads

If you missed Ian Human’s Summer Salad recipes, be sure to catch up on YouTube.
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CATCH UP RAG Daily Webcasts, Future of Hospitality Series

To catch up on the entire series please head over to YouTube and
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