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RA Group proudly supporting PRIDE month

A message from Alice Woodwark, RA Group Managing Director

Sending out a message of support to all of our team-mates and guests during Pride Month.  To everyone at RA Group, Diversity means celebrating the best of what is inside all of us, and Inclusion means always thinking about what more we can do to welcome team-mates and guests in to our family.  Everyone deserves to feel happy, at home, and at their best at work.

There is always more that we can do.  Recent events remind us that we must always try harder.  We will double down on our training & awareness work on unconscious bias.  We will invest more in mental health so that we can look after all of our people even better.    Respecting your beliefs, background and orientation – you are welcome here.  Even if – thanks to covid – we can’t all be together, we can still be together in ways that matter.


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