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Looking ahead….


As we near the end of the decade and look forward to 2020, we anticipate that  the coming years will see the human side of what we do become even more important. As the world becomes ever more about ‘consuming’ experiences, Restaurant Associates will be at the forefront of creating fantastic, welcoming experiences for our guests and consumers. Plant-forward dishes will be a central pillar within our menu frameworks and our sustainability initiatives will be at the top of the agenda. It is imperative that we minimise the impact that we have on the planet so we will be championing further waste reduction and green campaigns across the business.

Giving our customers the ability to control and influence their wellness in the way that is just right for them will continue to be a cornerstone of the business as we launch our new wellbeing programme later this year (stay tuned). Technology will play a greater role within our business as we innovate and adapt our offer to suit the changing needs of our clients, environments and guests. We are looking forward to a decade in which social contribution becomes an ever more important part of what we do. Meanwhile, we wish everyone a very happy new year and look forward to an exciting decade ahead!

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