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How to Covid-19 it like a start-up: Thoughts from the tech sector Part II


Here’s how our entrepreneurs would encourage our clients and partners to think about the post-Covid 19 world:

Marc – “Think through a two-phase future”

“Phase 1: Post-lockdown world. Even without government restrictions, people will want to continue to distance themselves quite a bit. Be prepared for that. When people come back to the office, how do you make it the most collaborative environment that it can be?

Focus on gathering data. Observe and understand what it is that people are doing differently when they come into the office? What are their unspoken needs? What do we have to build in order to make this work?

Phase 2: Post-vaccine world. There will be a desire to get back face to face. People will want to gather. Trends pre-coronavirus will be accelerated. There will be more working from home. Health will raise in importance now that people are at home cooking and investing in their fitness. Digital collaboration tools will get better. How do you take advantage of these trends and tools, even when people are back in the office?”

Julian – “How do I reopen brilliantly?”

“Plan now for how you are going to reopen better, faster and more flexibly than anyone else.   How do you create a safe, healthy, amazing experience that is going to get out there faster than anyone else and suck up any demand that is out there?

Comparisons to last year and budget are out the window. You need to get much quicker at picking up what’s going on the ground quickly, finding people who are doing a great job in this part of the business and scaling it out across the rest of the organisation. That nimbleness and that forward thinking is what you need to be doing.”

Riya – “Really collaborate online”

Embrace technology and get people in your company connected digitally. In the past we have seen that organisations are reluctant to get employees signed on to systems where everyone is connected, but now we are doing this, and it’s shown us how adaptable, resilient and flexible workforces can be.

Understand how your org can align and collaborate online far beyond just web, video and chat tools. Really collaborate online. Start getting people into that because it’s going to be a long time before we have a lot of flexibility choosing where we work and the way we work, even post-vaccine.

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