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3 become 1: Introducing the RA Group


Following on from our exciting annual leadership summit we are thrilled to announce the formation of the ‘RA Group’, encompassing three great companies:

As a truly unique family of companies, it was only natural that Restaurant Associates, Rapport and RA Venues should begin working more collaboratively. Over the past year all three organisations have moved closer together, rebranded, and now share a set of names and a common identity; all of which are underpinned by our mutual passions for the highest of food, service and hospitality standards within our industry.

The creation of the RA Group presents an amazing opportunity for our clients. Working in unison, we can now share best practice and training expertise more effectively. The depth and breadth of our skill base will increase, meaning we will improve our customer and guest experience and firmly entrench our position as market leaders. Most significantly, each individual client across all three organisations will now benefit from our collaborative approach and the skills of each partner business.

For example, RA Venues clients will enjoy insight and opportunities provided by Restaurant Associates, while Restaurant Associates clients will continue to enjoy the seamless single team partnership with Rapport in their corporate sites.

Working together, we know this formation will also provide our talented employees with vital new experience across the businesses, imbuing them with the skills they need to dazzle, inspire, and serve their clients and consumers.

Ecstatic about the launch of the RA Group, and the creation of this shared identity among our  companies, we cannot wait for our new and existing clients to reap the benefits of this dynamic partnership!

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